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My Big Sister and the Train Horn

My gifted and beautiful sister, who was thirteen years older, died three years ago yesterday, February 19. 

She lived in the Northern California mountains.  Very close to her home were train tracks.  When we talked on the phone and the train would blow its horn, we would stop talking so that I could listen.  I loved trains because they reminded me of special times during my childhood when my mom and I would take the train into Chicago from our home in Indiana.  Chicago was the “big city” to us living in a small town.  I felt so special on that train!

I’ve been especially tuned into the sound of the train horn in the distance from our home.  There is comfort in that sound because of what my sister and I shared during our phone conversations. 

In the recent past, I’ve explored locally with my GrandGirls via train trips. I experienced that special feeling again as the trips were the first time for them on a train!  One of the best parts of those trips is hearing the train horn as we rolled along.

There are tastes, tunes, smells and sounds that awaken good memories.  Is there a sound that brings you a little comfort?